Sono Flow (75 min)


The incredible healing power of sound and vibrations to reduce anxiety and stress.

What Is The Ritual

Especially designed by the expert team of Labelchic, the first part of the treatment is a highly aromatic ritual thanks to De Mamiel products to instantly erase fatigue. Your skin is luxuriously cleansed and decongested with the Restorative Cleansing Balm and then the massage starts with the Gua Sha and the regenerative benefits of De Mamiel seasonal oil and ends with a crystal face mask to increase product absorption and promote deep rest. The immersive full-body experience of sound therapy treatment then starts combining the use of crystal, tibetan bowls, tuning forks and chimes to help you achieve flow state. It acts like a « massage » of every cell of your body, sending sound waves to your body’s energy field in order to restore overall balance.

Nota : this treatment can lead to strong physical or emotional reactions. We recommend that you rest well within the next 24h following the treatment.

What Happens On My Face And In My Mind

Stress, anxiety and pain levels are lowered / Nervous system is calm and mind clarity is heightened / Overall body balance is restored / Sleep can be improved 

Technology + Tools Used 

Tibetan bowl / Crystal bowl / Tuning Forks / Gua Sha / Crystals

Want To Get A Cure 

Sono Pack = 550€ for 5 sessions (instead 600€) - session at 110€ instead of 120€. 

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