Calmlish is an holistic and honest lifestyle brand carrying stylish products that promote a state of calm—a calm mind, calm body, calm skin. They believe in beauty rituals that create harmony through balancing the body’s energy system, lymphatic system, nervous system and hormone system. Thus, creating a healthy foundation where beauty can manifest itself. 

Calmlish originated under the name Honest Beauty Talks in 2015 from conversation between co-founders Maja and Tanja. A conversation and an aspiration for a more honest, loving and stress-free beauty industry. A wish that we, as women, would learn to fill ourselves with self-loving rituals that give us a calming effect on both skin, body and mind. 

What they’ve learned, in their work, as aestheticians and holistic skin therapists, over the past 10 years, is that it takes hard work to treat the symptoms and it never gives a satisfying result. Instead, the solution is to put more energy into exploring and identifying the underlying cause of the 'problem' so we can prevent it from happening again. 

They have a strong mission to create pleasurable, peaceful moments through honest and stylish products you only need to buy once.

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