Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Being someone with a chaotic mind in a chaotic world who also minds her health, Josefien has always been looking for natural ways to feel more grounded and more in sync with herself. She discovered two things that helps her. 

The first thing she discovered are rituals. When she says rituals, she refers to little moments for herself. This can be a walk, a run, having some coffee or tea, a yoga session, lighting some palo alto in the room, putting away your phone for a minute and just get quiet

The second thing she discovered are adaptogens. For those of you who don’t know what adaptogens are here's a brief explanation. Adaptogens are a consortium of herbs, plants, mushrooms and bark that help your body deal with stressors. Her goal when she started this project was to share some of the same tools she has been using when she wants to create a moment for herself. 

She branded these products Golden Hour, after those beautiful moments of the day right after sunrise and right before sunset when she finds it especially rewarding to have some time for herself. These plant-based wellness powders are 100% pure and sustainably produced in Belgium. They are meant to be enjoyed with your everyday wellness rituals by mixing them with your favourite drinks, snacks and dishes. Have a golden hour, a moment of peace for yourself.

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