Golden Hour

Reishi total extract


YOSOGREEN's nighttime ritual. An aid to good immunity. Made with 100% sustainably-sourced and organic Reishi mushroom aka the king of healing mushrooms. Reishi is known for its immunity-boosting properties. YOSOGREEN uses this to try and relieve stress of everyday life. 

- helps the body to relax 
- adaptogen-like plant.
- grounding vitality 
- nourishing 
- beneficial effect on body and mind
- warming, a little drying

How To

I like to add it to coffee, smoothies, dressings or salad toppings. Reishi pairs well with all things cacao, coffee and earthy flavours.


Contains 30 g of single-origin Reishi extract, so it’s as pure as it can get!

Vegan - gluten free - pure - organic

30 g

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