Lymphatic Drainage Body Massage - Renata Franca (60 min)


An exclusive lymphatic drainage method to instantly deflate and shape the silhouette.

What Is The Ritual

Karine, our aesthetician, is certified and trained for the Renana França method. With a very specific and exclusive manual technique, she applies firm pressure all over the body, alternating with pumping and faster manoeuvres to activate and unclog the lymph. As a result this technique helps to reduce oedema, activates blood circulation and optimise body fluids circulation, thus supporting the reduction of cellulite.

What Happens On My Body And In My Mind

An overall wellbeing and feeling of lightness / More defined body contours

Technology + Tools Used 

Manual Massage

Want To Get A Cure 

Renata Pack = 650€ for 5 sessions (instead 750€) - session at 130€ instead of 150€. 

Please Read Carefully The Contraindications 

Phlebitis or suspected phlebitis, thrombosis / Fever (bacterial or viral inflammatory state) / Under antibiotic treatment / Cancer under treatment / Inflammatory migraine with sinusitis / Autoimmune diseases / Any pathology diagnosed only with medical approval / Pregnant women with medical approval for the first 3 months

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