KobiLift (60 min)


In 1 session, a youthful boost. In a cure of 5 sessions, a natural facelift.

What Is The Ritual

Inspired by the manual Japanese beauty technique of Kobido, the Kobilift is a deep manual remodeling treatment. Following a deep but gentle cleansing, a light exfoliation, a sensorial mist and a brightening mask, the choreography starts. By smoothing, stretching, pinching, tapping and vibrating the skin, this very dynamic and profound facial will tone up face muscles, redraw the oval of the face, promote collagen production and re-oxygenate skin tissues.

What Happens On My Skin And In My Mind

Lifted & enhanced features / Skin fluids are reactivated, skin is more lively / Boosted firmness and elasticity.

Technologies + Tools Used

Manual massage

Want To Get A Cure

KobiPack = 450€ for 5 sessions (instead of 500€) - Session at 90€ instead of 100€

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