HydraPeel Renew (75 min)


A super deep cleanse for a 'new skin' effect and a refined texture.

What Is The Ritual

An hydrabrasion facial to deeply decongest skin and refine skin texture. The facial starts with an invigorating and purifying cleansing followed by a short steaming session to open pores and relax face muscles. Then the hydrabrasion takes place in two steps. First, a dry diamond dermabrasion with gentle succion to remove dead cells and black heads that have accumulated on the epidermis. Second, a skin polishing hydrating treatment with organic rose water to simultaneously replenish skin moisture, soothe, soften and refresh the skin. Right after the hydrabrasion, the LED session will help support skin’s cellular regeneration process. The facial ends with an ‘ice lift’ with cryo sticks massage to increase blood flow and efficiently tighten pores.

What Happens On My Face And In My Mind

Pores are tightened / Skin texture is refined and renewed / Mind is energized. 

Technology + Tools Used 

Vapozone / Diamond-tip microdermabrasion / Pressurized organic rose water infusion / LED light therapy / Cryo sticks 

Want To Get A Cure 

HydraPeel Pack = 550€ for 5 sessions (instead 600€) - session at 110€ instead of 120€. 

Please Read Carefully The Contraindications 

Beauty marks and/or freckles of unknown nature / Very fragile skin, highly inflamed acne or skin with couperose / Teleangectasia / Rosacea / Use of Roccutane (wait a minimum of 6 months after the cure before doing this treatment) / Use of Retin A (wait a minimum of 2 weeks before doing this treatment)

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