La Bonne Brosse

L'Indispensable Douceur - Sensitive Scalp


The combination of keratin-rich boar bristles and precious nylon tuft ensures both perfect hydration and optimal detangling of the hair. The ball-shaped tuft of the nylon fibres stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp, thus promoting hair growth.
For normal to thick hair, even children's hair.

In order to know which hairbrush is made for you, you can take the quizz on their website, just here.

Good To Know

Boar fibres are natural, light and dense and have unique care properties that allow a very efficient brushing. There is no satisfactory vegan equivalent and that is why La Bonne Brosse has taken particular care to check their origin and the conditions of their extraction, ensuring that the collect comes from an activity that remains almost artisanal and not industrial.


Each handle is made of French cellulose acetate. An organic resin made of cotton flowers and wood pearls, chosen for its anti-allergic, resistant and aesthetic properties. This sustainable and responsible material is biodegradable, non-petrochemical and composed of 70% vegetable fibres. The cushion is made of natural rubber and is ultra soft to ensure a perfect rebound for an ultra comfortable brushing without any breakage.

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