Golden Hour

Maca total extract


YOSOGREEN's beauty ritual. Made with 100% sustainably-sourced and organic black Maca. It’s been used to enhance fertility and sexual energy. It's also claimed to improve energy and stamina. YOSOGREEN uses this one to boost her skin and her hormones.

- spirit harmonizer
- replenish energy
- control cholesterol levels
- warming and moistening
- athlete's popular superfood

How To

Stir into your morning coffee or tea. Add it to your smoothie or sprinkle it over food.
Maca pairs well with sweet dishes, nuts, plant-based milk and all things cacao.

Tip: add something fat like coconut butter, flax oil or plant-based milk to help your body absorb it effectively!


Contains single-origin black Maca extract, so it’s as pure as it can get!

Vegan - gluten free - pure - organic

40 g

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