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This is one of those holy roots that has a whole lot of documented uses since ancient times, as well as being revered by the modern scientific community. He Shou Wu, Polygonum multiflorum, is a popular herb in traditional Chinese medicine. Commonly known as He shou wu or Fo-ti (translates to “elixir of life” in Chinese), studies have shown this herb to be beneficial in the treatment of disease, supporting diabetes, hair loss, improving heart health, improving digestion and neurodegenerative diseases. Traditionally, it's also revered as a spiritual herb, known amongst monks and healers to boost spiritual potency. 


— Anti-inflammatory

— Promotes immune function

— Anti-viral

— Protects the liver

— Protects the bones from oxidative stress

— Protects tissue oxygenation

How To

1/2-1 tsp in your favourite drink or sprinkle on food (listen to your body intuitively, follow the dosage that resonates the most with you.)  As usual with all supplements, we recommend to always ask advice to your doctor and to do your own research before taking them.


He Shou Wu 10:1 extract powder. Prepared by the traditional method with black beans. It does not contain any fillers or additives!

*semi wild roots, sustainably grown in a small farm in China from an authentic source in Yunnan.  A very pristine and indigenous area to China where He Shou Wu thrives.

142 gr ( 109 servings (using 1/2 tsp per serving)

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