Crystal Contour Gua Sha


A hand-carved Crystal Contour Gua Sha with specific angles and thickness to perfectly adapt to the morphology of the face and provide effective and easy Gua Sha massage.


The practice of Gua Sha has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Inspired by this ancestral technique, Odacité’s Crystal Contour Gua Sha offers a highly effective facial massage tool that will breathe new life into your skin.

The Crystal Contour Gua Sha is hand-carved specifically to make it easy and intuitive to use even for beginners. Each curvature of this tool is made to grip and glide with ease against the contours of the face.

The skin gets visibly sculpted facial contours, with newfound radiance and reduced wrinkles or dark circles.

Skin mood

All moods!

Which stone for you skin?

  • Green Aventurine delivers whimsical energy that is especially conducive to the power of prosperity and good luck. Using the energy of this shimmering crystal helps bring more abundance and opportunities into your life.
  • Rose Quartz is known to be the crystal of unconditional love, and especially self-love. This feel-good stone opens the heart chakra and encourages compassion, tenderness, forgiveness, and comfort - making it a perfect crystal for the self-loving ritual of Gua Sha facial massage.
  • Blue Sodalite is a stone that encourages harmony and restores peace and inner tranquility, releasing fears and tensions. Using grounding energy to strengthen bonds with others, this crystal helps bring balance into every aspect of your life.

Why we love it?

It’s the perfect tool to massage your skin and de-stress facial muscles. Use it with your oil of preference and start massaging while watching your favorite show!

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