Golden Hour

Astragalus total extract


YOSOGREEN's body booster. A powerhouse of support. Made with 100% sustainably-sourced  and organic Astragalus, this herb popularly used in traditional Chinese medicine has long been used to strengthen the body and boost energy levels. YOSOGREEN uses this one to boost her immune system and it's her go-to tonic when she feels a flu or cold coming up. 

stimulate your system when you need it the most
- immune adaptogen
- supports good heart health
- warming and moistening

How To

Add to your morning smoothie, coffee or tea or use in baking. Astragalus pairs well with stone fruit like peaches, pear or apples. Combine with oat and plant-based milk. YOSOGREEN often combines this one with Reishi for a super immunity booster. 


Contains single-origin astragalus support, so it’s as pure as it can get!

Vegan - gluten free - pure - organic

30 g

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