Have you ever woken up on a Sunday morning looking at your dull complexion in a mirror? Or gone to bed at night with a pimple on your forehead? Well, I have! And because skin is constantly changing depending on factors like weather, pollution, sleep, stress, diet, hormones or intense partying, Valérie Grandury came up with the idea of launching a range of 18 serums that can customize your actual beauty routine.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, this Parisian-born had a wakeup call realizing she needed to make some major changes in her lifestyle. She quit her job as a Hollywood producer, and headed to Topanga’s canyon to become a health and wellness coach, embracing a raw food diet, learning on the healing power of plants, taking the toxins out of her life and starting to formulate her own skincare.

This is how Odacité was born, marrying the green California revolution with the luxurious, result-driven approach of French skincare. With her team, they scout the world for the best raw materials, their first choice being wild-crafted and organic ingredients to ensure ultimate potency, absolute freshness and complete purity.

Ok, so now you can fully enjoy your saturday nights again, there is a super-concentrated serum that has your back.