Challenging the beauty industry by stating that a beauty product can not stay two and a half years on a shelf and keep its beneficial properties, Jasmi Bonnen launched Nuori, with her own vision of freshness. To ensure maximum freshness and purity on all products, a start-using-by date tells the customers that the products they find in the stores are always from the latest batch.

All of Nuori products are 100% natural and free of all the nasties, from parabens to mineral oils, petrolatums, PEGs, PPGs, MEA, DEA and TEA, phthalates, silicones, and sulfates. They are also formulated without any synthetic preservatives, stabilizers, fillers, fragrances, or colorants.

Enough talking about what they don’t have, let’s celebrate what’s inside like naturally occurring vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids and flower essences.

You can be thankful, now your skin is safe and your bathroom shelf looks fantastic.