Ron and Nadine blend their potent beauty treasures surrounded by the wild nature of Haliburton in Ontario. If there was a label for “Beyond Organic” it would be stamped on every product.
Their love and expertise for essential oils, led them to develop a range of beauty balms, reviving elixirs and healing oral care that are true beauty poems delighting both the skin and the senses.The whole exquisite range is organic, wildcrafted, fresh to order, handmade, carefully and expertly formulated by the botanical muse, as Nadine likes to describe herself, and her husband.
They have a personal relationship with every producer and each product is a power-house cocktail of active, potent, strong and stable natural ingredients.
High concentration of goodness, so a little goes a long way. When you have a Living Libations product, you have botanical wisdom in your hand and effective results on your skin.