We are proud to share with you that we are an official BruZelle collecting point and together we will fight menstrual poverty.


BruZelle is a Brussels-based organisation that fights menstrual poverty by collecting menstrual pads and distributing them freely and in dignity to women living in precarious conditions. 

Hygiene is fundamental to human dignity and self-respect, and therefore a basic human right. In November 2020, Scotland was the first country in the world to make period products for free.

How to help

Whenever you come for a visit to our store, bring some menstrual pads with you and place them into the BruZelle box at the entrance or donate them directly through our webshop here by choosing the option 'Donate a box to BruZelle' and adding it to your cart. We collect your box and give it to the organisation.

! Just would like to donate a box to BruZelle and nothing else? Then it is important at checkout to choose the option 'Pick up in store' to avoid shipping costs, since the menstrual pads are already at our store of course.

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