Agnes Lafourcade, founder of Enfance Paris was desperate to find safe products for her children, so she decided to design her own in collaboration with a specialist in Phytochemistry and Phytocosmetology. The result of this mutual concoction is Enfance Paris, an exclusive line of 100% natural skin care products adapted for the specific needs of children’s skin.

From birth to adolescence, it is the first brand to devise formulas where the needs and the cleaning rituals of each age group are taken into account:  organic shea butter, camelina and coconut oils complemented with organic officinal lavender to nourish children’ skin and scalps from 0 to 3 years old, a solid bar soap filled with antibacterial Rosemary to get rid of all the bacterias accumulated during the day for children from 3 to 8, and a invigorating peppermint and lemon soap that can be used as a gentle evening face wash for the older ones, from 8 to 12 years old, so they can acquire the right skin cleansing habits to serenely face puberty.

Yes, it can be used on adults too. You now have baby skin right at your fingertips.