About Us

General Manifesto

We curate the best of natural beauty artisans.

The only religion we believe in is selfcare.

We want you to feel confident in your own skin.

We consider that natural should be the norm, not the niche.

And yes, doing facials is working out.

On Expertise

We place you at the center of all our attention.

We always give you very honest and tailor-made advice.

We recommend you to try a product first, you know, just to be sure.

We are happy to select samples that suit your skin the most.

We listen to your skin, to your needs and to your desires.

We do beyond amazing facials, check our menu.

On Naturality

We believe that natural is a life vision.

This is how we choose our food, our clothes, our makeup, our friendships.

This is where we regenerate and get inspired.

We think natural skincare is simply more powerful and efficient than anything else.

We just know nature is always right.

On Our Eco Ethos

Our credo is not clean beauty but conscious beauty.

We are committed in being more ethical in our choices.

We are involved in the fight against menstrual poverty.

Check here.

We recycle and reuse your empty sample jars, think about it next time you stop by.

We support and give back as much as we can.

We know we are not perfect, but at least we are trying.

On Skin

We don’t believe in skin types.

Though we understand that you might have skin concerns.

We would like to remind you that pores are normal.

We think a little pimple here and there is totally ok.

For us, skincare should definitely support your skin and not go against it.

On Sensoriality

We believe in the power of sensoriality.

We are moved by an amazing texture.

We travel with an enveloping smell.

We are fascinated by the depth of a natural color.

We think skincare as a way to reconnect with our emotions.

On Simplicity

We believe in fewer but better.

We believe in well curated essentials that you love to use.

We advise you to always finish the products you have first.

We know that there are days to go all-in with beauty and days to just crawl into bed.

On Femininity

We believe in the power of sorority.
We like to think of our store as a temple of femininity.

Where intimacy, trust and comfort are golden rules.

A safe place for women, where you can feel listened to and understood.

Free to ask for a botox address, a sex toy or a good face mask.

On Us

Océane, French by birth and Belgian at heart is the founder of Labelchic.

She never says no to french fries, loves to shake her body on Beyoncé and is a big fan of double masking in front of a good movie.

Stéphanie, half-fairy, half-witch with golden hands, is our in-house facialist.

Singing and dancing are her therapy and her dream is to live in a gypsy wagon with a mini pig.

Tiffany, our latest fresh flower in the team is your favourite communication assistant.

Sweden is her dream country, flower fairy is her inner spirit and biking in nature is where she feels the most free.

On You

You are the starting point of everything we do.

Your support is our most precious treasure.

Your comments, your reviews, your sharings are our fuel that keeps us going.

You are amazing.

You are beautiful.

We love you.