Golden Hour

Ashwagandha total extract


YOSOGREEN's life saver. A stress buster in a bottle. Made with 100% sustainably-sourced organic Ashwagandha, this herb popularly used in India has long been used to relieve stress, increase energy and improve focus. YOSOGREEN uses this one to lift her mood and harmonise vibes.

- lift your mood
- uplift your endocrine system
- acts as an antioxidant
- strengthening without stimulating 
- warming, a little drying

How To

Add it to your coffee, morning smoothies or add it to raw baking. Ashwagandha pairs well with all things cacao and fruity stuff!


Contains single-origin Ashwagandha goodness, so it’s as pure as it can get!

Vegan - gluten free - pure - organic

20 g

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