Shape Body Gua Sha Obsidian


This body gua sha with textured sides is designed to smooth out tangled and stiff fascia layers. Relevant for scarring, acne scars, wrinkles and cellulite. Body Gua Sha massage is the perfect technique for cellulite, tension and fluid retention. As you begin to release tension and break up facia adhesions with the Gua Sha tool, you increase blood flow in the skin so that more nutrients enters the skin and waste leaves the skin. It’s through increased blood flow, that collagen and elasticity is delivered to the skin, which firms and tightens skin over time.

How To

One side works on the superficial layers of fascia, one side works on the deeper layers of fascia and one side is smooth for a classic gua sha massage. With this beauty tool you get 3 treatments in one.

Benefits of regular gua sha body massage

Reduces cellulite

Improves blood circulation

Supports lymphatic drainage

Promotes a healthy vital glow to the skin

Promotes skin renewal

Improves muscle tone by breaking up fascia adhesions causing restricted blood flow to the muscles

Gives you softer, smoother and firmer skin

Reduces pain, tension and accumulation of cellulite

More flow and energy in the body

Less tension and pain

Relaxed sensation in the body

Increased body awareness


Pure protection for your skin, Obsidian is a grounding pitch-black volcanic rock with protective and purifying qualities. 

Obsidian is great for stressed and overstimulated skin types and is the go-to anti-stress rock for busy city life. If your skin needs some extra protection from pollution and stimulants, then this is the rock for you.

Every gua sha is carved by hand and due to the natural variation in the crystal, every gua sha will be unique.

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