Protective Purifying Soap 3-8 (paper) (100g)

by Enfance

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Enfance Paris offers an ultra rich organic soap, perfect for the daily use of the 3 to 8 years old. Made with organic Shea butter and protective Coconut oils to significantly moisturise the skin of the face and the body.  Organic Rosemary essential oil with antiseptic properties protects the epidermis and brings a soft and pleasant aromatic note. The soap is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Under your surveillance, 3 years old can take care of him and learn to properly clean his body.

Active ingredients: Organic Shea butter deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin and being anti-inflammatory, it calms and soothes irritations and promotes wound healing.  Organic Rosemary essential oil, known to fight infections and bacteria, is an ideal natural solution to tend to little cuts and bruises and remove bacteria accumulated over the course of the day.  Our formulas contain no parabène, no alcohol, no chemical, no conservatives, no paraffin wax, no colouring and are not tested on animals.
Protective Purifying Soap 3-8 (paper) (100g)

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