Origin – Light


The Origin range focuses on the power of CBD only. Great for muscle and mind relaxation.

The Origin formula is composed of hemp oil enriched with Cannabidiol remarkable for its Swiss origin as well as its supercritical CO² extraction method. It is intended for people initiated to CBD and who have personalised use of it.

'Broad Spectrum' means that many cannabinoids other than CBD are present in the formula to create the surround effect, which means that the different molecules of hemp interact better with the body and increase the effect of each of them when combined.

As coconut oil is neutral, Origin has the taste of natural hemp. Remedeus' Hemp oil originate from Hemp flowers that come from their own 100% natural, ecocert and organic production in the Creuse region. In addition, they insist on working in fair trade with all their suppliers.

Content of CBD: 1000 mg (10%).

How To

Place the dose under the tongue with the pipette and wait 30 seconds to 1 minute. You should feel the first effects after about 30 minutes.

There is no recommended dosage.  It is personal research which is done in a rather simple way: start with the minimum dose (one drop) per day, whenever you want during the day or in the evening, and adjust drop by drop in the next days until you get the desired effect.

The Remedeus formulas have been designed as cures, so do not hesitate to use them regularly to maximise their benefits.

Not recommended for under 18 years old, pregnant and breastfeeding women & people under treatment.


Coconut oil MCT, Hemp oil cannabis sativa L and hemp extract (CBD): 10%

10 ml (contains approximately 250 drops)

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