My name is clitoris - 09.12.2019

Private Screening : 19h30 - 09/12/2019
Address : Cinéma Aventure, Galerie du Centre - Rue des Fripiers 57, 1000 Brussels
Réalisateur/Regie : Daphné Leblond & Lisa Billuart Monet
Pays/Land : Belgium
Genre : Documentary
Année/Jaar : 2019
VO FR - subtitles ENG -  1h20
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We are excited and happy to invite you to the private screening of "My name is clitoris", the first 100% Belgian documentary of Daphné Leblond & Lisa Billuart Monet on feminine sexuality. A film that breaks taboos with freedom, humour & courage, values that we particularly cherish here at Labelchic. The screening will be followed by a drink and a talk on female intimacy.

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