Lift Gua Sha Clear Quartz



Calmlish' Lift series is for the gua sha facial professional or the advantaged gua sha enthusiast. 

How To

This Gua Sha has two textured sides in different sizes for skin rejuvenation and two lifting sides for firming and contouring the face. The textured side can be used for treating deep wrinkles and release tension from the muscle. 


Clear quartz is a multi purpose crystal that transforms and clarifies all skin types. Clear quartz is the ideal crystal to programme with your own unique intentions and skin wishes, clear quartz is often recommend as a “beginner’s gua sha” as the energy is agreeable with all. Clear quartz is all so ideal for the super sensitive, reactive and allergic complexions that relax with the cooling calmness of clear quartz.

Please note that all their crystals are unique and therefore there will be variations in colour, shape, structure, surface etc

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