Kobido Lift Facial Gift Card


A personalized Kobido Lift facial to offer to your loved ones.

When purchasing this Kobido gift card online, you will receive it at home with personalized samples. If you want us to send it directly to someone, just write the address at checkout and leave us a comment with the name of the person and your message.

*Valid 1 year for in store only


Exit injections, get a natural lift! Give your skin an instant youthful boost with this massage inspired by the ancestral Japanese beauty technique of Kobido. By smoothing, stretching, pinching, tapping and vibrating the skin, this very tonic facial will refresh your features, redraw the oval of the face, promote your collagen production, re-oxygenate skin tissues and improve your skin texture.

Great for: Smoothing wrinkles / Stimulating cellular regeneration / Reconnecting body and mind.

Every Friday & Saturday from 9h30 to 18h.


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