Green Ceremony Cleanser


A powder-to-foam cleanser that removes dirt and pollutants while energising tired complexions. Powered by the antioxidant powers of Matcha and Spirulina. Best for all skins that need to unlock a fresh and more luminous glow, particularly dull/tired complexions ​& skin prone to blemishes. Its scent is best described as: sweet and vegetal Matcha meets a slightly Oceanic Spirulina for a fresh & grassy tea time aroma. Included is a beautiful Muslin Cloth to create a cleansing experience like no other.

Hero Ingredients

Ceremonial Grade Matcha contains a high  level of Chlorophyll which improves the appearance of breakout-prone skin while illuminating dull complexions.

The gentle foam derived from Coconuts, also known as Baby Foamrespects the delicate skin barrier so skin feels fresh and never tight.

Spirulina offers its potent antioxidants to help maintain youthful-looking skin.

Aloe Vera working its soothing and hydrating properties.

How To

With a couple of drops of water, this unique powder transforms into a creamy Chlorophyll-rich cleanser — whisking away toxins and dead skin.

Pour one scoop of the Green Ceremony Cleanser into the palm of your hand. Activate the powder-to-foam with the addition of a couple of drops of water. Massage into the skin to cleanse away impurities - avoiding eye area - allowing it to act for a few minutes. Remove using warm water and the enclosed muslin cloth. Finish with a second rinse using cold water and the muslin cloth.

The delicious effect of massaging the velvety foam into your skin creates a space to reconnect with yourself and discover a few minutes of much-needed tranquility.


Sodium Cocyl Isethionate [Baby Foam], Sodium Bicarbonate [Food Grade Baking Soda], Honey, Fructose & Maltodextrin [Honey] powder, Citric Acid, Camellia Sinensis [Premium Grade Matcha] leaf powder, Spirulina Platensis [Spirulina*] powder, Aloe Barbadensis [Aloe Vera*] powder

* organic

75 g

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