Lulu Organics

Beard Oil (60 ml)

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This organic blend of argan and olive oils infused with horsetail, rosemary and nettles, will hydrate your beard while moisturizing the dry skin beneath to prevent itching and flaking. A woody base of cedarwood paired with the smoke of cade berry and touches of bergamot, vetiver, coriander and rosemary give it the smell of an evergreen campfire on a starry, desert night.

Massage into wet or dry beard hair needing added moisture, i.e. after a shower. Can also be used to 'cleanse' the beard after a few days of not bathing.

Ingredients: *organic argan oil, *organic soy oil, *organic apricot kernel oil, *organic olive oil, *organic camelina oil, *organic rosemary, *organic horsetail, *organic nettle, *essential oils
(* certified organic)

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