Savons Gemme

Handmade stunning geological creations. Your unique chance to bath with precious stones.

On a cold winter morning, while taking a shower and having no soap left, Todd Pink had the idea to collect every little piece of soap he found in his house and compact them. This was the beginning of the Gemme story. His creative spirit and seven years of blending herbs, essential oils and high quality ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, vegetable glycerin, organic plant oils and plant extracts, led to this beautiful collection of biological stone soaps. Almost 180 steps are needed to craft each soap. No soap is the same as they are not molded but cut by hand, which also explains the variations of weight. Gemme soaps are dermatologically tested and suitable even for the most sensitive skins. They contain no animal derivative and are not tested on animals. Gemme is the incarnation of beauty, shaped by millions of years of nature.