Precious stones and crystals are invading the beauty industry with more and more gem-infused products integrating a spiritual dimension as well as skin's benefits. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to our latest crystal-infused beauty products and go beyond the trend, to see how they can both boost your skin and your energy.

Gemstone Expert
Chloe is trained in Gemology (University of Nantes, France) and Kinesiology. During our CRYSTAL BEAUTY ATELIER, she will share with you her knowledge and passion for the language of stones by combining the scientific and symbolic approaches. She will explain how you can include crystals in your daily life, how to charge and cleanse them, etc.

Crystals mocktails
Our CEO - Cocktail Executive Officer - Harouna from LIB Cocktail Bar has one more time, mastered the cocktail game with a homemade crystal infusion that will charge you with both preciousness and good vibrations.

Please send an email at if you are willing to participate. As much as we would like to welcome you all, for obvious logistic purposes we will have to limit the number of participants to 15 - so first come, first served.
Closing of participation on Friday 7th of September.
To secure your spot, we will ask you a fee of 15€. You will have this 15€ discount on any purchase. First part of the workshop will be in French. Second part will be in French and English.