Cali Beauty Atelier 22 June - 7 to 9 PM

It's not a secret, California is THE place to be when it comes to experience a holistic uber healthy lifestyle. For this Atelier, we wanted to immerge you during 2 hours into the Californian spirit, the perfect beauty & wellness get-away.


What is the Cali Beauty Atelier about :

  • Cali Lifestyle : Fiona, Yoga teacher and wellness guru will talk to us a bit about her personal experience of the California way of live. Then we will experience a meditation & breathing session.
  • Cali Beauty : We thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce you to two californian brands that we have in the store, Earth Tu Face and Odacité
  • Cali Juice : It won't be perfect without a little Cali Juice prepared by our CEO - Cocktail Executive Officer - Harouna from LIB cocktail bar.

          Conditions for registration below.


Fiona Cappuyns 

Yoga teacher & contributor at The Lemon Spoon, Fiona is an adepted of the Holistic Californian way of live. She spends a lot of time cooking, practicing sport, playing football, and especially exercising on her yoga mat as a teacher. She loves travelling, photography, reading and finding good wellness tips. Discover her universe on Instagram


Please send an email at  if you are willing to participate.
As much as we would like to welcome you all, for obvious logistic purposes we will have to limit the number of participants to 15 - so first come, first served. 
Closing of participation on Monday 18th of June.
To secure your spot, we will ask you a fee of 15€.
You will have this 15€ discount on any purchase.