Remedeus CBD


Remedeus is an answer to the quest for a peaceful, addiction-free and relaxed body and mind. They created a collection of unique CBD products for everyone, at every stage of life. There are two different ranges of CBD oils. The Origin range focuses on the power of CBD only. Great for muscle and mind relaxation. The more lifestyle range combines the relaxing and calming power of CBD with the renowned qualities of essential oils. To each his own care and ritual: a moment to yourself, a personalised routine.
Every human being has an endo-cannabidoide system and produces endo-cannabidoide molecules. This system is one of the solutions used by the body to combat and regulate stress and to achieve a state of homeostasis: The ability of a system to maintain the balance of its internal environment, regardless of external constraints.
Remedeus increases the concentration of cannabidoids in the body through those held in its CBD-rich hemp oils. Cannabidoids from cannabis are very similar to those produced by the body and interact with the receptors of the endo-cannabidoid system of the human body.
Hemp has always been a natural solution used to fight against stress and anxiety. Cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule extracted from hemp, specifically meets these resolutely modern needs. Each of the brand's CBD-rich Hemp oils originate from Hemp flowers that come from their own 100% natural, ecocert and organic production in the Creuse region.  In addition, they insist on working in fair trade with all their suppliers. All Remedeus' remedies are created from plants with beneficial properties, designed by experts and produced in France.

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