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Detox Dry Brush



With extra long 4 cm cactus bristles and a wide surface area for effective dry skin brushing. 

Benefits of dry brushing:

Deep cleansing: Unblocks pores and removes impurities for fresher, clearer skin.

Exfoliating: Removes dead surface skin allowing moisture and active skin care ingredients to penetrate. Prevents in-growing hairs and prolongs suntans. It can help cellulite. The result is smoother, polished and more hydrated skin.

Detox: Helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, to drain cellular waste and toxins safely away. Regular use can help protect the immune system and improve digestion and general well-being.

Regenerating: Stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal resulting in healthier, younger looking skin.

Massage: Invigorates tired muscles and relaxes body and mind.

How To

What is dry body brushing?
This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to improve your skin tone and well-being. It is an ancient practice — brushing the whole body with repetitive strokes using a dry natural bristle brush to remove dead skin cells while stimulating the blood flow and the lymph nodes to deliver nutrients to the skin and banish waste and toxins from the body.

Tips: This is best done before a bath or shower so you can wash off the
impurities. Starting at the feet, brush in long strokes up the legs and then concentrate on brushing your hands and up your arms. Repeat these brush strokes 7 times. When brushing your chest & upper back focus the strokes towards your heart. Brush in circular motions over the abdomen. Do not use on sensitive areas (face) or on broken skin. The whole routine should take about 10- 15 minutes.
If you are new to body brushing try light strokes first and build up to harder strokes as the skin gets more used to it. For very sensitive skins it may be preferable to start with a softer natural bristle brush and work up towards a harder bristle.


Wood: Beechwood (FSC® Certified) 
Bristles: Cactus (Extra Stiff)

Strength: Hard

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