Private Gua Sha Workshop (90 min)


Stéphanie, our Gua Sha master, will teach you and your best friends, your mother and sister(s), your boss and colleague(s), ... everything there is to know about the power of the Gua Sha. 

This ancient technique is the perfect ritual for the modern living, providing a quick way to release signs of skin fatigue and recharge your skin with exceptional energy and glow. During this workshop, you will experience a full ritual: cleansing, exfoliation, mist and crystal massage - performed by you, guided by Stéphanie. Crystals have been used for centuries to manifest intention, call on spiritual protection and energy healing. Each step of the way, you will discover and use 100% natural beauty products in line with your skin's needs. Both your energy and skin will thank you! 

€60/person, 3 people minimum.

To book please send an email to

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