Hi there! And welcome...

  • Alexis Jossart
Hi there!  And welcome...

For the little story, when I first draw a sketch in my mind on what could be Labelchic, I was dreaming of a store where I would love to hang out for hours, discover new brands that you cannot find elsewhere, stay and read beauty magazines, explore new textures and products, evolve in a comforting environment that invites the sharing of a common passion : digging the most amazing natural & organic beauty brands in the world.

I also wanted the store to be a whole new retail experience. A place where expertise, advice, service and authenticity are not marketing terms but real core values. I am not a dermatologist, I’m not a herbalist, I’m not a nutritionist, I am a serious skincare passionate who knows the beauty trends, listens to them and anticipates them (that is another aspect of my job, Labelchic is also a Trend Forecasting Agency for the beauty industry :-)). And this is exactly how I like to advise my customers, like a user and not like a saleswoman with a very personal approach, the most important thing being to listen to the customers’ desires. And I am beyond thrilled of what we built this first year and what Labelchic has achieved thanks to you.

As a new adventure for our 1st year anniversary, we wanted to go a step further and pursue this experience online with LabelTalk. Between a magazine, an intimate journal and a blog, we want this new project to be all about Beauty. But because for us beauty is a whole, it covers many facets. To start with our skin of course but also our lifestyle, our diet, how we travel, how we take care of our body and how you sometimes know that it’s time to let go and lose control. You know, the famous 80/20 rule… All this is interconnected and embodies our vision of what beauty is.

Here, we will give you a regular rendez-vous to invite you to discover our favorite brands & products, our beauty routines, the beauty trends we see emerging and also the places that we love. But we want to hear from you too. So we will sometimes also give you the floor whether it is to express your thoughts on a product or sneak into your bathroom and hear everything about what’s on your beauty shelf.



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